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EAPL Online Events 2022

EAPL Online Events in 2022!

As the EAPL conference had to be postponed to 2023, we are delighted to announce that a series of online events are to be held this summer and fall. The events will be held on Wednesdays at 3.00pm-6.00pm/6.30 (CEST). The first event is to be held on 17th August 2022. These events will focus on various aspects of Psychology and Law:

  • Vulnerability in Forensic Settings (17th August 2022),
  • Criminal Profiling and Crime Linkage (31st August, 2022),
  • Asylum Interviewing: Credibility Assessment and Decision Making (28th September, 2022).

Each event will include relevant keynote speakers, presentations and a roundtable discussion. Finally we will be holding an event to discuss the EAPL White Paper Draft on Child Interviewing Practices.

Further details will be posted soon. Please, also follow us on twitter.


Free for members!

The events are free of charge for all members of the EAPL. Membership in the EAPL is valid for a full year and has a small price (full member: €35, students: €20). Seize the opportunity and join the EAPL to be part of the online events 2022! We are a thriving scientific community and would love to have you on board.

We are looking forward to ‘seeing’ you and learning about your scientific contributions! We can’t wait to hold vibrant discussions on Psychology and Law issues. Let’s go virtual!

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The team behind the Online Events 2022

EAPL Board Members

  • Kate Miller
  • Julia Korkman
  • Narcisa Prodan
  • Jana Otzipka

Technical Support

  • André Körner