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About EAPL Student

EAPL-S is a subdivision of the European Association of Psychology and Law, and aims to provide students a cohesive, well-maintained, and excitingly innovative student society. You can visit the website of the EAPL-S here: https://eaplstudent.com/

By building bridges between students and professionals in psychology and/or law throughout the world, EAPL-S hopes to support the students of today and the scientific community of tomorrow.

To do this, the EAPL-S will:

  • Provide opportunities for students to network within psychology and law
  • Establish student-oriented incentives at related conferences and events
  • Provide funding opportunities to increase student mobility and research internationally
  • Encourage collaborations between students
  • Encourage collaborations between established researchers and students
  • Provide resources to attract students to Psychology/Law

If you are a motivated student in any field related to Psychology and Law, join us today!