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What is the European Association of Psychology and Law?

The European Association of psychology and law (EAPL) has three broad aims:

  • 1. the promotion of research,
  • 2. the promotion of teaching, and
  • 3. the promotion of the interchange concerning psychology and law.

The Association embraces those interested in the interface between psychology and law in all its diverse aspects – researchers and practitioners.

From a developmental perspective, member of the Association are concerned with offenders – and their victims – from the cradle to the grave. Psychology is relevant to the offending pathway, from early risk factors and early intervention approaches, to the process of detection and identification after a crime is committed, to the collection of evidence and its presentation in court. Finally, psychology is relevant after conviction in terms of the management, treatment and supervision of those convicted, and indeed, the treatment of their victims.

Diversity is not just characteristic for the field, but also for the Association. Coming together within Europe we have been able to consider, appreciate and learn from the diversity of approaches that apply across this continent from Norway to Cyprus, from Ireland to Russia. We have been able to celebrate both similarities and differences in thinking and practice. Importantly, the Association is not merely European; we have long-standing, committed and dedicated members from Canada, the United States, New Zealand and Australia. 

On this website, you will find information about our Association and information about our annual meetings. These meetings are very important in the life of EAPL, a chance for many of our members to get together and share their ideas and experience, research findings and plans with colleagues from all over Europe – and the world – who have very similar interests. This year, the conference will take place in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, on July 17-20, 2019. For more conference details go to our “Conferences” tab.

We trust you will find this website informative. We hope too that you will enjoy being a member of EAPL and benefit from the knowledge and experience of a like-minded community of practitioners and academics. If you have any questions about the Association, please contact eapl@eapl.eu.