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EAPL-S Awards 2018

EAPL-S Awards

Awards encourage student attendance and Participation at EAPL conferences, and promote academic excellence among students.


Apply for EAPL-S Turku 2018 awards! Application deadline is June 28th 2018

EAPL-S aims to provide students with mobility awards and conference incentives for each psychology and law related conference. The following paper presentation and poster awards were all generously donated by the EAPL for the 2017-2018 year, and will be awarded at the EAPL Turku, Finland 2018 conference.

Apply for EAPL-S Finland 2018 awards today! Applications are due June 22nd, 2018.


You are eligible for these awards if you are.

      1. A member of EAPL
      2. Are registered as a student at a post-secondary institution
      3. Are presenting at the EAPL 2018 conference.

NOTETo apply for these awards provide proof of conference registration and EAPL membership, and evidence that you have been accepted to present a poster or paper at the conference. 

Travel Awards

The EAPL-S is encouraging international student conference attendance by providing a travel award. A grant of €300 will be awarded to the student who is travelling the furthest. 

Additionally, you will need to provide a summary of the paper that you are presenting at the conference (max. 1000 words), including:

  1. Proof of attendance at the 2018 EAPL Conference in Turku 
  2. Proof of travel arrangements from your term time location to Turku
  3. Registered as an EAPL student member

Submit all required materials by June 22nd, 2018, to eaplstudent@gmail.com

Presentation Awards

For the three most outstanding and innovative paper submitted to the EAPL 2018 conference. 
First Place (€ 400), Second Place (€ 300), Third Place (€ 200).

There will also be a prize (€ 200) for the best poster presentation. 

Awards Ceremony

Award recipients will be officially presented a certificate and the monetary award during the EAPL conference.